libnl  3.2.24-rc1
Here is a list of all modules:
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oCommand Line Interface APIThese modules provide an interface for text based applications
|oConnection Tracking
|oExpectation Tracking
|oQueueing Disciplines
|oRouting Rules
|oTraffic Classes
|\Traffic Control
oCore Library (libnl)Socket handling, connection management, sending and receiving of data, message construction and parsing, object caching system, ..
|oCaching SystemRelated sections in the development guide:
||\ManagerManager keeping caches up to date automatically
|oCallbacks/CustomizationRelated sections in the development guide:
|oData TypesCore library data types
||oAbstract DataAbstract data type representing a binary data blob
||oNetwork AddressAbstract data type representing any kind of network address
||oObject (Cacheable)Generic object data type, for inheritance purposes to implement cacheable data types
||\SocketRepresentation of a netlink socket
|oMessage Construction & ParsingNetlink Message Construction/Parsing Interface
||\AttributesNetlink Attributes Construction/Parsing Interface
|oSend & Receive DataConnection management, sending & receiving of data
|\UtilitiesCollection of helper functions
oGeneric Netlink Library (libnl-genl)
|oController (Resolver)Resolves Generic Netlink family names to numeric identifiers
||\Generic Netlink Family ObjectObject representing a kernel side registered Generic Netlink family
|\Family and Command RegistrationRegistering Generic Netlink Families and Commands
oInet Diag library (libnl-idiag)
|oInet Diag Memory Info
|oInet Diag Messages
|oInet Diag Requests
|\Inet Diag TCP Vegas Info
oNetfilter Library (libnl-nf)
\Routing Library (libnl-route)
 oFIB Lookup
 oLinks (Interfaces)
 |oCANController Area Network link module
 |oLink Modules APIAPI for modules implementing specific link types/semantics
 ||\IPv4 Link ModuleImplementation of IPv4 specific link attributes
 |oMACVLANMAC-based Virtual LAN link module
 |oVETHVirtual Ethernet
 |oVLANVirtual LAN link module
 |\VXLANVirtual eXtensible Local Area Network link module
 oNeighbour Tables
 oNeighboursThe neighbour table establishes bindings between protocol addresses and link layer addresses for hosts sharing the same physical link
 |oRoute Object
 |\UtilitiesRouting Utility Functions
 oRouting Rules
 \Traffic Control
  |\Mirror and Redirect
  oClassID Management
  |oBasic Classifier
  |oControl Groups Classifier
  |oExtended Match
  ||oMetadata Match
  ||oN-Byte Comparison
  ||oSimple packet data comparison
  ||\Text Search
  |oFirewall Classifier
  |\Universal 32-bit Classifier
  oPacket Location AliasingPacket Location Aliasing
  oQueueing Disciplines
  |o(Fast) Prio
  |oClass Based Queueing (CBQ)
  |oDifferentiated Services Marker (DSMARK)
  |oFair Queue CoDel
  |oHierachical Token Bucket (HTB)
  |oIngress qdisc
  |oNetwork EmulatorFor further documentation see
  |oPacket/Bytes FIFO (pfifo/bfifo)The FIFO qdisc comes in two flavours:
  |oPlug/Unplug Traffic (PLUG)Queue traffic until an explicit release command
  |oRandom Early Detection (RED)
  |oStochastic Fairness Queueing (SFQ)
  |\Token Bucket Filter (TBF)
  \Traffic Classes
   oClass Based Queueing (CBQ)
   oDifferentiated Services Marker (DSMARK)
   \Hierachical Token Bucket (HTB)