libnl  3.2.24-rc1
Basic Classifier

Data Structures

struct  rtnl_basic

Attribute Modifications

void rtnl_basic_set_target (struct rtnl_cls *cls, uint32_t target)
uint32_t rtnl_basic_get_target (struct rtnl_cls *cls)
void rtnl_basic_set_ematch (struct rtnl_cls *cls, struct rtnl_ematch_tree *tree)
struct rtnl_ematch_tree * rtnl_basic_get_ematch (struct rtnl_cls *cls)
int rtnl_basic_add_action (struct rtnl_cls *cls, struct rtnl_act *act)
int rtnl_basic_del_action (struct rtnl_cls *cls, struct rtnl_act *act)

Detailed Description

The basic classifier is the simplest form of a classifier. It does not have any special classification capabilities, instead it can be used to classify exclusively based on extended matches or to create a "catch-all" filter.