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libnl is a set of libraries to deal with the netlink protocol and some of the high level protocols implemented on top of it. The goal is to provide APIs on different levels of abstraction. The core library libnl provides a fundamental set of functions to deal with sockets, construct messages, and send/receive those messages. Additional high level interfaces for several individual netlink protocols are provided in separate libraries (e.g. "nl-route", "nl-genl", ...).

The library is designed to ensure that all components are optional, i.e. even though the core library provides a caching system which allows to easly manage objects of any kind, no application is required to use this caching system if it has no need for it.

The library was developed and tested on 2.6.x kernel releases. It may or may not work with older kernel series. Also, although all netlink protocols are required to maintain backwards compatibility, this has not always achieved and undesired side effects can occur if a recent libnl version is used with a considerably older kernel.

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