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This page is a small collection of useful links, macros, objects and tips that I have built up over the years of using POV-Ray. Much of this may be applicable to other rendering software too.

Macros, include files and recipes:

Mesh erosion
Rounded tetrahedron include


POV-Ray artists:
Gilles Tran
Jaime Vives Piqueres
Christoph Hormann
Tekno Frannansa
Tim Nikias
the Lohmullers
Rene Bui
Jim Charter
Tor Olav Kristensen
POV-Ray tutorials:
Mike Williams
Christoph Hormann
Graphical resources:
POV-Ray - official home page.
MegaPOV - an unofficial version of POV-Ray with many useful patches.
POV-Tree - a tree mesh generator for POV-Ray.
Planet maps - useful for making planets!
Moray - a free modeller for POV-Ray.
PoseRay - a 3D mesh converter (including POV-Ray).
Daz3d - human figures and props.
Blender - an excellent free 3D modeller.
The GIMP - a free image manipulation program,
similar in ability to Photoshop or Paintshop.
InkScape - a free and extremely useful vector graphics editor.
It can export lines and curves as POV-Ray splines.
Miscellaneous graphics links:
CGSphere.com - a good 3D challenge.