Contributing to OpenConnect


The main thing needed at the present time is translations into languages other than English. All contributions will be gratefully received.

Translations for OpenConnect are maintained in the GNOME network-manager-openconnect module. Translations can be contributed by joining the GNOME team as described on their TranslationProject wiki page, or simply by editing one of the language files in the po/ directory and sending the resulting patch (or file) to the mailing list.

If there are questions about the messages because the intent is not clear, or if the messages could be improved to make translation easier or better, please also feel free to ask or make suggestions on the mailing list.


Other items on the TODO list include:

Submitting Patches

Patches can be sent to the mailing list or directly to the author in private email.

When sending patches to be included in OpenConnect, please certify that your patch meets the criteria below by including include a sign-off line in your email which looks like this:

Signed-off-by: Random J Developer <>

This confirms that you are permitted to submit the patch for inclusion in OpenConnect under the LGPLv2.1 licence. The full text of the certificate is as follows: