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The last thing I want to do to the discerning internet public is to inflict dull, repetitive photos of my varyingly drunk friends after a few jars at whichever social occasion I happened upon at the time. Nor am I about to unleash the full fury of the dreaded Holiday Snap.

Worry not.

This section of the site is an attempt to pull together some photos I've taken that might be of particular interest to anybody, not just people who know me. They're not numerous enough to be stacked endlessly into Flickr, nor are they hi-res or artistic enough to be worth posting on the likes of DeviantArt. They are just pictures that I took because the subject matter seemed worth recording, and turned out quite nice.

There are two pages, also navigable via the navbar above; panoramics and of interest. The panoramics page concerns my attempts at panoramic photography using a normal 35mm (or equivalent) camera, and of interest is a selection of pleasing single photos. Enjoy!