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This page is a kind of 'everything else' section. There's quite a few odds and ends I'd like to make available, so it seemed sensible to throw it all together here.

Miscellaneous (i.e., silly) links

Weebl's Stuff - much silliness in flash animation.
b3ta.com - usually in appalling taste, and frequently actually funny.
xkcd.com - a web cartoon. Pretty good.
bash.org - IRC quote database. I never use IRC meself, but this often makes me chuckle.
Framley Examiner - it doesn't seem to be updated very often but it makes me laugh uproariously, especially the classifieds.
Things of interest - loads of interesting and funny geek stuff, plus some interesting fiction. The best page is definitely geocide.
GoogleSightseeing - the URL says it all really. Very interesting, even if they have totally failed to post my few sights (James Bond island, concordes in Heathrow, etc).

Miscellaneous text documents:

The Empire Strikes Back plot hole
Some scientific and other units
My Indiana Jones Drinking Game

More will be forthcoming as I assemble it...