© 1992, 1993 David Woodhouse.

This was my `A' level Computing Project, submitted in Summer '93. The project writeup is provided as it was submitted.

DEVLOAD provides a method of loading device drivers from the command line under MS-DOS, rather than having to re-boot in order to load extra drivers.

DEVLOAD is released under version 2 of the GNU General Public License. You may copy and distribute this program free of charge, but you must make the source code available.



  1. Project Writeup:
    1. Definition of problem.
    2. Analysis of problem.
    3. Possible solutions.
    4. Program requirements.
    5. Testing.
    6. Documentation.
    7. Critical appraisal.
  2. DOS Function Reference.
  3. Structure of Internal DOS Tables.
  4. DEVLOAD Flowchart.
  5. DEVLOAD Source Code.
  6. NETLIST Source Code.
  7. REDIR Source Code.
  8. REDIRSHW Source Code.
  9. MYSHELL Source Code.
  10. WOMBATS Source Code.
  11. SHOWPARM Source Code.

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